Q: What do you get when you combine 20+ years of Pest Control Industry experience with 20+ Years US Army Experience?
A: COMBAT Pest Control!


Welcome to Combat Pest Control (CPC). I’m Steve Clauser, and I own and operate CPC. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is making the assumption that all pest companies are the same. The difference between one company and another is the competence of the technician. I have the experience, expertise and discipline to create the value my customers expect.

The Combat Difference

1. Did you know that less than 8% of pest technicians are State Certified? That’s because they haven’t passed the state exams for that certification. Most technicians work for a Certified Operator (CO). The CO is responsible to train technicians and is ultimately responsible for their treatments. I am State Certified in all residential and commercial structural pest control categories to include: GHP, Termite and Fumigation.
2. Did you know that many pest companies premix their chemicals “at the shop” and spray the same thing at every account?  Many companies try to increase their margins by skimping on the chemicals used around your home. This practice limits the treatment options to the person you pay to control your problem. This premix solution is applied at every customer that day – -no matter what the problem.  In this scenario, troubleshooting boils down to “I see bug, I spray”.  I invite customers to look in the back of my truck.  I stock a variety of materials to solve almost every pest problem imaginable, plus I carry several types of sprayers an dusters to insure you receive an effective, safe and legal dosage.

Its simple, at Combat, I inspect for problems, decide on a course of action, then implement that course of action.

I believe a great business is built on a foundation of Trust..I am committed to building that trust by providing you with personalized, effective and eco-friendly service. No gimmicks or false claims. If you give me the opportunity, I guarantee, I will not fail you.

Don’t wait, call me now at 813-406-PEST (7378)! Or fill out the contact sheet on the CONTACT page. I look forward to earning your business! See me on Yelp!

This was taken Easter Sunday, 2003 at the US compound in Talil Iraq.  I just finished an MRE breakfast and put one of the crackers with a bit of cheese spread on the ground to study the ants.  This is the start of Combat Pest Control!


Below is a collage The picture with soldiers in formation is my unit the 387th during our pre-deployment training at FT Bragg North Carolina 2008. The other pictures are from a trip I took to Camp Victory Baghdad in 2009, The Tent with sandbags is where we slept, the picture of me is on “Catfish” Air, which was the Helicopter shuttle between LSA Anaconda, Taji and Camp Victory. The picture on the steps is my team in the Corps Headquarters, Al Faw Palace Baghdad 2009. The left center picture: inside a C130 transporting us to Camp Arifjan Kuwait.Baghdad